Papermaking and Paper Testing
Two Handsheet Machines
Labtech Speed Sheet Drier
Labtech Automatic Sheet Press
Carver Standard & Heated Presses
Canadian Standard Freeness
British Disintegrator
TMI Paper Cutter
IDEAL Paper Cutter
HUYGEN Internal Bond Tester
TMI Digital Calliper Measurement
Instron 4411 Universal Tester
Technibrite Micro TB-1C Brightness, Opacity, Color and Fluorescence Tester
Labtech Automatic Beater (PFI type)
Britt Dynamic Drainage jar
Colloidal and Nanoparticle Preparation and Characterization
Brookhaven Dynamic Light Scattering System with 2 watt Argon-Ion laser variable angle goniometer, BI-9000AT Correlator
Brookhaven Zetapals Microelectrophoresis Apparatus

Zeiss Axioplan Microscope with Q Imaging Fluorescence and Digital Camera

Mantech Automatic Titrator
BTG Particle Charge Detector PCD03
Malvern Mastersizer
Beckman L7-55 Preparative Ultracentrifuge
Beckman Allegra™ 25R bench Centrifuge

ATS RheoSystems Stresstech HR controlled stress rheometer

Brookhaven BI-DCP Disk Centrifuge Particle Sizer

Rank PDA 2000 Photometric Dispersion Analyzer


Surface Characterization
Kruss DSA Contact Angle Apparatus
Rami-Hart Contact Angle Apparatus

WYKO NT1100 Optical Profiling System

Brookhaven-Paar Electrokinetic Analyzer

Waterloo Digital Electronics Exacta 2000 Faraday-Modulated Self-Nulling Ellipsometer


Other Facilities
MicroCal VP-ITC (MicroCalorimeter)
Heto Drywinner Freeze-dryer
BECKMAN COULTER DU 800 Spectrophotometer (UV)

ESL-2CA Cold Temperature and Controlled Humidity Chamber


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